The Deheyn laboratory at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is fully equipped for cross-disciplinary research under the general topic of biomimicry, from the molecular framework to the biomaterials. The laboratory has equipment for molecular and proteomic research on chromophores, proteins and "chromoproteins" in its broadest definition, combined with bacterial and mammalian cell cultures for recombinant protein testing and/or purification with Äkta purification system.
A various set of microscopes equipped with digital cameras allow for high resolution imaging under bright field, fluorescence, or polarized light. Some of these systems are coupled with a low-light digital SE200 Echelle spectrograph, or a PARISS hyperspectral micro-imaging system for spectral characterization (in the visible, NIR and IR). Imaging is also performed with an IR camera, and using a SPERO FTIR mapping microscope. Luminometers and spectrophotometers are available for characterization of light production dynamics and kinetics.
A variety of experimental aquariums is available for local and exotic organisms, maintenance or behavioral experiments, and is equipped with a setup for ocean acidification testing. The lab is also set up for ecotoxicological research on a variety of contaminants, from metals to microplastics/microfibers. The Deheyn lab works closely with UCSD engineers for mimicking the biological properties of the organisms we study!
The Deheyn lab is led by a marine biologist but driven by a dynamic, international and multidisciplinary team of postdocs and undergrads, which facilitates out-of-the-box thinking and stimulates creative experimenting and discoveries.

Areas of Research