Biomimicry for Emerging Science and Technology initiative”

(BEST initiative)

The BEST initiative is an innovation and research platform bridging the gap between academia and industry. It will deliver novel technologies with competitive performance while remaining environmentally sustainable.

The BEST initiative is to be an incubator for disruptive innovations.



Explore the science of Nature in areas promising for finding industry solutions. This will involve a network of BEST affiliated laboratories at UCSD-SIO with complementary expertise.

Benefits :

Data from our fundamental exploratory research will be shared with the BEST contributors through newsletter updates, lab visits, and annual workshop.


For industry, there are two levels of contributions. The first level is a set gift contribution which supports the fundamental exploratory and descriptive research.


If this first level leads to disruptive findings, a second level of contribution can include a sponsored research agreement. This will involve directed transformational research, focused on the mimicking mechanisms and potential of commercialization with the industry partner. Details will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.